AerDLV has broad experience in building and improving UAV management software and hardware. We concentrate on developing and implementing complex software solutions for surveillance, transportation, and combat drones. A dedicated team of hardware engineers design, assemble and optimize UAV components to receive high quality drone performance in hard weather and flight conditions

Developing software solutions for the communication with UAVs

  • MAVLINK v1/v2 protocol support
  • Communication with ArduPilot
  • Support of various connection protocols: COM/TCP/UDP/UDP clients
  • Remote server for communication with the drone fleet via GPRS
  • Telemetry processing and drone hardware status monitoring
  • Calibration of sensors and peripheral systems
  • Support of RTK for increased positioning accuracy
  • Flight logs recording
  • Recreation of drone flight mission using the flight logs
  • Management software for fleet of drones
  • Flight mission planning\editing software
  • Mission Planner and QGroundControl mission formats supported
  • Integration with SRTM data
  • Support of different map services
  • Integration with Windy API for real-time weather monitoring

Developing software for real-time video processing from UAVs

  • Recording and processing Video-stream
  • Imposing OSD information on the frames
  • Determination the coordinates of objects on the video
  • Broadcasting the video stream to other systems
  • Support of picture in picture mode
  • Stabilizing and improving video footage solutions
  • Assembling customized drones
  • Drone hardware development
  • Developing mainboards for communication with drones via GPRS technology
  • Optimization and upgrade of drone hardware components
  • Designing complex hardware and software solutions for stabilizing video frame in hard weather and vision conditions
  • Developing hardware for delivery and transportation drones
  • Developing advanced drone obstacle avoidance and security systems


Software and hardware for military drones


Develop the hardware and software system for surveillance and managing the real-time video footage from drones and providing further processing of obtained data and records.


AerDLV team has implemented the complex project that consists of 3 components: software for UAV, software for processing received data and a custom mainboard.

UAV board software

  • manages 2 drone cameras (zoom, angles, calibration et.)
  • receives a real-time video footage from cameras
  • processes data from camera and thermal imager
  • saves video data to the internal storage
  • synchronizes two video streams
  • manages real-time video stabilization
  • processes the video stream metadata
  • transfers data to the ground station in the real-time

Software for received data processing

  • Building orthophoto plans
  • Video playback
  • Captured image editing
  • Making reports based on recorded videos
  • Remote flight control mode

Drone mainboard

Our team has developed the electronic board for drones with AI -based drones with all necessary ports, inputs and outputs to connect additional drone equipment and accessories


OS: linux4tegra

Libraries: Qt 5.12

QtJsonSerializer QtService

GStreamer GDAL


OpenCV 4.4 p7 library

OS: Linux (ubuntu 16.04/18.04)

Libraries: Qt 5.9

QtJsonSerializer QtAV

GStreamer GDAL

GLM (OpenGL Mathematics)

libexif OpenCV QtFtp

P7 logger

We developed software solution for real-time recording, streaming and displaying videos from a UAV boards. Formats supported for video streaming: MPEG_TS format, when MPEG_TS and M2TS formats supported for recording videos. A software can also be used for tracking objects and frame stabilization. Data transfer to the ground station is possible via several ports that provides the opportunity to stream video to multiple receivers and control points. The Software is compatible with circuit boards supporting DaVinci DM816x processors commonly used on UAVs


Restore and improve the project which has not been in development and maintenance for three years, implement a system that can simultaneously process multiple video channels


AerDLV team restored the project. We developed software for capturing video from video inputs (1xFullHD, 2xSD and (1xIP, 2xSD)) with ability to manage these flows. System can stream (RTP stream) and save video on internal storage ( M2TS or MPEG_TS). The user can remotely start or stop recording. A system allows the operator to choose which channel he wants to use (using video output HDMI and HD-SDI) The system also supports the synchronization with SoM EPP-V7-DM8168 module.
New features also support previous software functionality for all channels : tracking of objects and stabilization.




Develop multipurpose system and software for civil and military UAVs that can operate in various modes: surveillance, transportation and combat.


AerDLV team has developed a complex software solution for military and civil drones that supports MAVLINK v1/v2 protocols and is integrated with the Delta awareness system. We have released the software system that provides communication with ArduPilot and supports various connection protocols (COM/TCP/UDP/UDP clients). Our product supports RTK that increases positioning accuracy. The drone operator can recreate the drone flight mission using the flight logs. AEROVISION can impose OSD information on the frames and determinate the coordinates of objects on the video in a real-time. Our developers managed to implement stabilizing and improving video footage solutions into AEROVISION iterface. AEROVISION system supports Mission Planner and QGroundControl mission format and map services of different providers. We have also integrated the ballistic calculator to the interface. SRTM dataset supported.




Develop the management system for delivery drones. A system should provide the communication of ground station with the fleet of delivery drones.


AerDLV team has developed a complex software solution for delivery drones based on our experience in previous project. We have deployed the remote server for communication with multiple UAV boards via GPRS technology. It allows setting up tasks, delivery points and monitoring drone status and location in the real time. One operator can remotely send custom commands, and manage deliveries and individual actions of every single drone in the fleet.

UAV board software

  • Cross-platform software
  • Flight and mission planning
  • Live camera control
  • Telemetry and flight control
  • Click-on POI navigation
  • Digital control over drones
  • Sending custom MAV Link commands


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